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A fresh look for your Northwood wooden floors

                                                                                         A star of one of the best British movies died here in 2009..


The best floor surface?  Timber makes a strong case.  The natural wooden floor adds beauty and durability to all kinds of properties - large and small.

Your own floors deserve to be looked after, so when shabbiness, marks and worse damage have taken over, it s time to sand them away...

By calling on the experts in wood floor repair and restoration:

                                                                                                      The Northwood Floor Sanding Specialists

In business for over twenty years - a family firm who have restored hundreds of floors..

Of every type:

 from solid/engineered boards to herringbone/parquet blocks;

Of every age and however poor their condition;

And in all kinds of places - from homes, offices and shops

to sports halls, libraries, schools, pubs and restaurants...

We’ll take a look at your floor and give it the full treatment:

Repairing damaged timber;

Filling missing areas with matching boards and blocks;

Gaps filled for a neat and even finish;

Sanding away old coatings of paint and sealant;

Staining the bare wood for a change of colour to match your decor;  

Fresh protection with your choice of sealant:

natural oil for beauty;

hard wax for harder wear;

lacquer for the high pressure areas.

Dust and disruption?

No longer a problem..  With 99% dust free sanding - as our machines collect dust from outside each room.

We can also minimise any closure and loss of business

- by working flexibly, at weekends or even overnight.

Allow us to help you further by shifting those large items of furniture - and disposing of old carpets and floor coverings.

Every job completed to perfection:

Your floor derives special treatment.  We work down to the smallest details - using only the highest quality floor products.  The new surface will last longer and retains its looks.


A valuable investment deserves to be looked after.  Modest aftercare will keep the surface of your floor in good shape for longer.  

Ensure you get the best advice -

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                                                                                                     The Pinner Floor Sanding Experts


Kathleen Byron was born in 1922 and trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

She played the girlfriend of the embittered anti-hero in the tense 1949 bomb disposal film ‘The Small Back Room’.  And turned up in old age - somewhat surprisingly - as one of the family in the finale of ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

But it is her role as a frustrated nun in ‘Black Narcissus’ of 1947 that ensures her place in the pantheon of memorable film performances.  This weird and wonderful movie with its gorgeous colour photography (convincingly Himalayan though shot in the UK) seethes with repressed passion.  As the crazed Sister Ruth who renounces her vows, Byron makes the most of her brief moments of freedom...

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assistance available 24/7

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